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2018 Schedule/Results

 2018 Santa Barbara Foresters Game Schedule

All times Pacific Daylight.

Home Field: Pershing Park, Santa Barbara (corner of Cabrillo and Castillo)

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* California Collegiate League Game.

Tickets sold at the gate: $7 for adults, $3 for seniors, $3 for kids.

DateOpponentGame TimeLocationGameDay Sponsor/GuestResult
June 8Inland Empire Pirates6:00 pmPERSHING PARKOPENING DAY!W 11-0
(1-0, 0-0)
June 9Inland Empire Pirates6:00 pmPERSHING PARK W 7-2
(2-0, 0-0)
June 10Healdsburg  Packers*2:00 pmPERSHING PARK Investec and Family Service Agency DayW 11-7
(3-0, 1-0)
June 12Arroyo Seco Saints*6:05 pmAT Arroyo Seco W 11-7
(4-0, 2-0)
June 13Arroyo Seco Saints*6:05 pmAt Arroyo Seco W 9-3
(5-0, 3-0)
June 14OC Riptide*4:30 pmAT OC Riptide W 13-0
(6-0, 4-0)
June 15Ventura Pirates6:00 pmPERSHING PARK W 5-4
(7-0, 4-0)
June 16SLO Blues*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  W 5-0
(8-0, 5-0)
June 17SLO Blues*2:00 pmPERSHING PARK W 3-1
(9-0, 6-0)
June 19Conejo Oaks*4:30 pmAt Conejo  W 6-5
(10-0, 7-0)
June 20SoCal Catch*4:30 pmAt SoCal W 7-3
(11-0, 8-0)
June 21SoCal Catch*4:30 pmAt So Cal W 13–2
(12-0, 9-0)
June 22SoCal Catch*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK W 4-2
(13-0, 10-0)
June 23Arroyo Seco*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK Coastal Copy DayW 6-3
(14-0, 11-0)
June 24Arroyo Seco*2:00 pmPERSHING PARKMontecito Bank & Trust DayW 4-3
(15-0, 12-0)
June 26Healdsburg Packers*6:00 pmAT Healdsburg  
June 27Healdsburg* (DH)3:00 pm and 6:00 pmAT Healdsburg  
June 28SoCal Catch*6:00 pmPERSHING PARKSanta Barbara Independent Day 
June 29Santa Maria Packers6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
June 30OC Riptide*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK Alta Orthopaedics (Boys and Girls Clubs) 
July 1Academy Barons*2:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
July 2SLO Blues*6:00 pmAT SLO  
 July 3Ventura Pirates 6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
 July 4 SF Seals 4:30 PM
 PERSHING PARK American Riviera Bank Day 
 July 5 Arroyo Seco Saints* 6:00 pm PERSHING PARK  
 July 6 Academy Barons* 6:00 pm PERSHING PARK  
July 7Academy Barons*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK BMW/Hugs for Cubs Day 
July 10Conejo Oaks*4:30 pmAT Conejo  
July 12OC Riptide*4:30 pmAT OC Riptide  
July 13OC Riptide*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
July 14San Diego Reign6:00 pmPERSHING PARKTremblay Financial Services Day 
July 15OC Surf2:00 pmPERSHING PARK Shoreline Publishing Group Day 
July 19SLO Blues*6:00 pmAT SLO  
July 20OC Surf6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
July 21Conejo Oaks*6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
July 22Conejo Oaks*2:00 pmPERSHING PARK Cottage Health Systems / Host Family Appreciation Day 
July 24Academy Barons*4:00 pmAT MLB Academy  
July 25Academy Barons*6:00 pmAT MLB Academy  
July 26SB Grizzlies6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
July 27Valley Bears6:00 pmPERSHING PARK  
July 29CCL PlayoffsTBD AT Conejo  
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