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A Forester in Your House!



Every summer, the best college baseball players in the country come to Santa Barbara to play for the Foresters and help with the Hugs for Cubs. More than 200 of these young men have gone on to play pro baseball, while 30 have made it all the way to the Major Leagues. All the players need a place to stay during their time in Santa Barbara, and that’s where our corps of HOST FAMILIES comes into play. Would you consider hosting a player in your home?

If you have the room and the interest, the work is very limited: Host families not only get to attend all Foresters games and events FREE, they enjoy having a fine young ballplayer in their home as a role model for chidren (or a nice fill-in for children long moved away!). Host families are asked to provide a room and some breakfasts and lunches; players are totally responsible for their own transportation. They also have to follow YOUR house rules.

Host families past and present sing the praises of their experience. One family attended the wedding of their “summer son,” while others have enjoyed visiting with former players at Spring Training and even at Major League games! It’s a unique experience, and one that we simply can’t do without.

Support the Foresters and have a great summer by becoming a HOST FAMILY!

If you’re interested, the flyer has more information; you can email [email protected] or call 684-0657.

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