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Draft Domination! 23 ’Sters Chosen by MLB Teams

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By Jim Buckley: The annual Major League Baseball Amateur Draft concluded on Tuesday, and as usual the Foresters were well-represented. A powerful total of 23 former or current Foresters were chosen, including our fourth first-rounder—2020 SS Matt McLain (pictured) of UCLA—and four consecutive picks to wrap up the fourth round, ending with 2020 EP 19 pitcher of the year Nick Nastrini, also of UCLA.

More than 57 former Foresters have reached the Major Leagues. Who will join them from this list of fan favorites? Stay tuned and ’Ster it up!

Round     Player, Pos., School                                            MLB Team

1              Matthew McLain, SS, UCLA                                  Reds*

CB-B        Ryan Holgate, OF, Arizona                                   Cardinals

3              Branden Boissierie, OF, Arizona                         Nationals

4              Christian Franklin, OF, Arkansas                         Cubs

4              Christian Encarnacion, OF, Okla. St.                    Twins

4              Jackson Wolf, P, West Virginia                             Padres

4              Dru Baker, 3B, Texas Tech                                   Rays

4              Nick Nastrini, P, UCLA                                          Dodgers

5              Tyler Hardman, 1B, Oklahoma                            Yankees

5              Tanner Bibee, P, Cal St Fullerton                         Cleveland

6              Ryan Bergert, P, West Virginia                            Padres

7              Connor Pavolony, C, Tennessee                          Orioles

7              Ryan Sublette, P, Texas Tech                               Dodgers

8              Larson Kindreich, P, Biola                                    Twins

8              Noah Cardenas, C, UCLA                                       Twins

9              Cole Quintanilla, P, Texas                                     Nationals

11            Sean Mullen, P, UCLA                                           Rays

13            Josh Swales, P, So. Nevada                                   Diamondbacks

14            Caden Monke, P, Arkansas                                   Royals

17            Brett Standlee, P, Okla State                                Giants

19            Elijah Trest, P, Arkansas                                      Rockies

20            Hunter Breault, P, Oregon                                    Athletics

20            Kamron Fields, P, Texas Southern                      Rays

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