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(UPDATED June 6) The Major League Baseball Draft is wrapping up Wednesday. Through the first 30 rounds, 13 former Foresters have been selected. The newly-minted pro players continue a ‘Sters tradition that has seen more than 200 players signed by Major League organizations, including 33 of whom have gone on to play in the Majors. Congratulations to all these former Foresters, including a trio of Gauchos.

2012 Foresters MLB Draft Selections

Ryan McNeil, third round to Cubs

Blake Brown, fifth round to Braves

Stephen Johnson, sixth round to Giants

Hoby Milner, seventh round to Phillies

Jeff McVaney, eighth round to Tigers

Brett Vertigan, tenth round to the A’s

Jeremy Rathjen, eleventh round to Dodgers! (Pictured)

Matthew Reckling, 13th round to Dodgers

Abe Ruiz, 16th round to White Sox

Richard Stock, 23rd round to Indians

Matt Vedo, 24th round to Mariners

Beau Maggi, 24th round to Royals

Lance Roenicke, 25th round to Brewers



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