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Foresters Live Video for 2018

Tablet with baseball game

The Foresters are happy to provide their out of town fans an opportunity to listen AND WATCH games for the first time! Click on the link below and follow instructions. There is a small fee for the service (and the equipment we needed to obtain), but we hope that fans will enjoy this new look at Sters games. It’s a static camera and will be accompanied (Internet gods willing) by the radio play-by-play from KZSB AM 1290. (Live radio alone can be linked from the top of the Foresters home page as usual.)

This is a new service but we hope it adds to your support and enjoyment of Foresters baseball. We won’t be able to deal with any glitches during games, but do let us know if you run into any problems and we’ll try to sort them out quickly. Email: [email protected]

‘Ster it up!


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