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Hugs for Cubs 2023!

Sters and Henry Miller

Since 1994, the Foresters have made the Hugs for Cubs cancer support program as much a part of the team as pitching and hitting. Hundreds of kids have enjoyed meeting Foresters in hospitals, at baseball clinics and camps, on surf days, at Major League games and more. Dozens of kids have also been chosen over the years as the annual Hugs Kids, and have loved seeing their initials on team caps.

For 2023, the Foresters family is rallying behind Katy C., who, along with her amazing family, is battling cancer. As you can see, she’s a ballplayer, so she’s already on the team! In 2023, the Foresters hope to really re-start many of the Hugs programs slowed by the pandemic, so watch for more details on camps, parties, Angels or Dodgers trips, and more.

You can be part of the Foresters/Hugs for Cubs support team with your generous donation. Click HERE to find out more.

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