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New MLB Draft Record!

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UPDATED: Josh Jung leads a group of 18 Foresters chosen in the 2019 MLB Draft.
With Opening Day coming on June 7, the 2019 Foresters will soon be making all sorts of headlines. On Monday, June 3, a 2017 Forester made the news. Third baseman Josh Jung became the highest-drafted Foresters player ever when he was taken No. 8 overall by the Texas Rangers in the 2019 MLB Draft. Josh and his sweet swing hit .341 for the ’Sters before he returned to lead this year’s Red Raiders into the NCAA playoffs. That’s Josh wearing No. 30 splashing Bill Pintard after Josh helped the ’Sters give Pinner win No. 900!

Congrats to Josh and all the other players and best of luck!

Rd. / Player, School, (’Sters Year) / MLB Team

Rd. Player, School, (’Sters Year) MLB Team

1 Josh Jung, 3B, Texas Tech Rangers

3 Spencer Steer, SS, Oregon Twins

4 Brandon Lews, 3B, UC Irvine Dodgers

5 Evan Kravetz, P, Rice Reds

7 Luke Ritter, OF, Wichita State Mets

7 Blair Henley, P, Texas Astros

8 David Hamilton, SS, Texas Brewers

8 Nathan Wiles, P, Oklahoma Rays

11 John McMillon, OF, Texas Tech Tigers

12 Garrett Gayle, P, Rice Astros

14 Logan Allen, OF, Ark/Fort Smith Rays

14 Ryan Reynolds, 3B, Texas Cubs

22 Cameron Warren, 1B, Texas Tech Reds

23 Dane Acker, P, San Jacinto JC Diamondbacks

26 Zach Humphreys, P, TCU Brewers

29 Utah Jones, SS, N. Greenville U. Mariners

29 Chase Illig, C, West Virginia  Yankees

38 Jake Eissler, P, TCU Indians

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