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Rawlings Report!

The 2015 Rawlings California Cup begins Thursday July 2. The winner chases a big prize: A berth in the NBC World Series in Wichita this summer.

As it’s been the last few years, there will be a South Bracket (at UCSB) and a North Bracket (at Hancock College). The winners of each bracket will meet in a final championship showdown on Sunday July 5 at UCSB at 2 pm. Check back here for results and other information, including the All-Tournament team that will be announced after Sunday’s finale. Here is the complete schedule (home teams for each game will be determined by a pregame coin flip). At UCSB, tickets are available at the gate for all tournament games. Saturday is also Bank of Santa Barbara Day at the Foresters’ 4 pm game.

South Bracket

Thursday July 2
Conejo Oaks vs. South Bay Saints, Noon (Oaks 5, Saints 2)
Santa Barbara Foresters vs. Inland Valley Pirates, 4 pm (Foresters 11, Pirates 5)

Friday, July 3
Conejo Oaks vs. Inland Valley Pirates, Noon (Pirates 9, Oaks 8)
Santa Barbara Foresters vs. South Bay Saints (Foresters 16, Saints 4)

Saturday, July 4 (Happy Fourth of July!)
Inland Valley Pirates vs. South Bay Saints, Noon (Pirates 3, Saints 2)
Santa Barbara Foresters vs. Conejo Oaks, 4 pm (Oaks 4, Foresters 2)

Foresters advance to finals on third tiebreaker (total runs scored)

North Bracket

Thursday July 2
Oakland Bercovich vs. San Francisco Seals, 1 pm (Bercovich 5, Seals 1)
Santa Maria Packers vs. Santa Paula Halos, 5 pm (Halos 4, Packers 3)

Friday, July 3
San Francisco Seals vs. Santa Paula Halos, 1 pm (Halos 7, Seals 5)
Santa Maria Packers vs. Oakland Bercovich, 5 pm (Packers 9, Bercovich 4)

Saturday, July 4 (Happy Fourth of July!)
Santa Maria Packers vs. San Francisco Seals, Noon
Santa Paula Halos vs. Oakland Bercovich, 4 pm (Halos 10, Bercovich 6)

Halos advance with best record, 3-0

2015 Rawlings California Cup Championship Game
North winner (Halos) vs. South winner (Foresters), at UCSB, 2 pm

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