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Sters 6-Barons 0

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One Good Shutout Deserves Another

by Nate Loop

Box Score

Nothing. Not even close. The Foresters are making runs a scarce commodity for opposing teams. If you can mine one out from this pitching staff, it would trade higher than gold on the stock market.. The ‘Sters pitching staff has been especially dominant over the past four games. 25 straight scoreless innings, and just two runs, mere blips on the radar screen, in the past five games overall. The ‘Sters continued their recent dominant displays in a resounding 6-0 victory over the Barons today. The game was sponsored by Cottage Health Systems, who had a wonderful turnout today in support of the Foresters, providing the team with a lively crowd to back up their fantastic baseball.

Coach Bill Pintard must feel like he can put each pitcher’s name up on a big wheel, spin it, and send the lucky hurler out to collect a fortune of dribbling groundouts,  lazy pop-ups, vicious strikeouts, and most importantly, victories. This last stat is the especially true of the fireballer Nick Palewicz, who got the start on the mound for the ‘Sters today.

Palewicz threw six innings, allowed just three hits, and struck out nine batters on his way to collecting his third victory of the season. His fastball routinely touched 94 mph, and was heard but not seen by the Barons batters on most occasions. One moment, Palewicz is winding up, the next, the ball is in the catcher’s mitt, a disappearing act that would make Houdinin proud, the Barons swings coming up with nothing but air.

The Sters hitters did not have to face the same dilemma as the Barons. They started their scoring in the third inning, and methodically worked counts and scratched out hits to amass six runs, no big innings required.

Designated hitter Jacob Felts, possibly the ‘Sters player of the season so far, smacked an RBI double in the third inning to get the Foresters started. Shane Hoelscher made the next donation to the Foresters scoring fund with a two run scoring single in the fourth inning.

The Foresters were working the extra base hit with runners on today, as Tyler Pearson scored Luke Plucheck with a double of his own in the sixth inning to put the scores up 4-0 after six innings.

With Palewicz’s victory looking secure after six innings, Coach Pintard looked to the bullpen, and Cody Dickson, Willie Kuhl, and Hunter Lemke all stampeded out to each throw a scoreless inning to compliment Palewicz’s fine opening act.

While the Forester pitchers trampeled the Barons, the hitters kept plugging away. Richy Pedroza picked up on the theme of the day with his own RBI double in the bottom of the seventh inning, scoring Zach Fish from second base.

Pearson, not to be outdone by his teammates, drove the final nail in the coffin with his RBI double in the bottom of the eight inning, this time bringing Plucheck around to score.

The Foresters have now run their winning streak to six games, and are 18-8 on the season. The team will look for the series sweep against the Barons tomorrow. The game will begin at 1:10 p.m. tomorrow at Caesar Uyesaka Stadium.



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