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Wichita Fund: 2015

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Foresters Fans!

Every Foresters player knows that every other player has his back on and off the field. Pitchers pick up the hitters, hitters deliver the clutch blows that help pitchers win. Outfielders back up infielders, while infielders are a ballet of backup on every play.

It’s time for fans and the community to help back up the ’Sters. Every year, we start from scratch to raise money to put on the great games that you enjoy at Caesar Uyesaka, as well as pay all the expenses surrounding the players’ and coaches’ needs, umpires, equipment, field rental, and more. Plus this year, we have travel expenses of a couple of league road trips.

Coming up in a few weeks, is the biggest road trip yet: All the way to Wichita, Kansas, to defend our National Championship. If the Foresters can prevail again this year, it will be an historic win, tying them for the MOST NBC WORLD SERIES WINS EVER!

However, we have to make it there, and we’re asking for your help with any tax-deductible donations you can make to the 2015 Wichita Fund. Use THIS LINK and send anything you can. When you listen to the games from Wichita, you’ll know that you’re right there on the field with us, showing America how the people who support and cheer for the best summer-baseball organization in the land always have each others’ backs.

Many, many thanks. If you have questions, please send them to us at [email protected].

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